8 things you didn't know about Hybrid

Over four decades of Hybrid know-how

For some people, Hybrid technology is still thought of as new technology. In fact, even though our first Hybrid, the Prius, was on the roads ahead of its time in 1997, we’ve actually been honing our Hybrid know-how since the mid 1970s, with gas turbine Hybrid models, the Century and Sports 800.

Not all Hybrids are born the equal

Unlike other manufacturers’ ‘mild’ Hybrids that simply give a boost of electrical power to support the engine, the electric and petrol engines in our ‘full’ Hybrids can run independently of each other – or in tandem – to give you the best balance of efficiency and performance for every trip.

Take it easy, just sit back and drive All our Hybrids are fitted with automatic transmissions as standard, so they are as easy to drive as a conventional car. Just put the lever into D and drive!
There's space for what's important You can pack just as much into our Hybrid family for those weekends away as you can in their conventionally powered siblings. As batteries have grown smaller, we have found alternative ways to transport them so you have more space to take what’s important with you.
There's a Hybrid for everyone Whether you’re a city slicker looking for some urban wheels, or an ever-widening family finding it difficult to squeeze everyone in, from the Yaris to the Auris and the Prius to the Touring Sports we’re sure to have a Hybrid answer.
Built for a lifetime of adventure

Our Hybrids have been lovingly designed and built to last in just the same way as every other model in our range – just drive them wherever and whenever you want. Some owners have taken this to the extreme and we are always proud to hear of Hybrid models with over 500,000km behind them.

A journey from road to racetrack

Our Hybrids are not just making an impression on the roads, they are now proving a hit on the racetrack too. After returning to the World Endurance Championship in 2012 with the TS030 HYBRID, our 2014 challenger – the 1,000PS, 4WD, TS040 HYBRID – went on to seal both the drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles in style.

Seven million Hybrids and counting

Since our Hybrid story began in 1997, over seven million people have fallen for its charms. With the imminent arrival of number of new models, in a wider range of styles, there will be even more ways to fall in love with driving again.

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Что такое гибрид? Что такое гибрид? Когда передовые технологии, используемые в гибридном автомобиле, дают столько преимуществ, может показаться, что владеть гибридом сложно. Но это не так. На самом деле, наши гибридные автомобили максимально просты в управлении: они сами экономят топливо, уменьшают выбросы и вырабатывают энергию. Правдивые факты Правдивые факты Как заряжать аккумулятор и на сколько его хватит? Многие не знают, как оно есть на самом деле. Развейте домыслы и узнайте восемь правдивых фактов о гибридах. Преимущества гибрида Преимущества гибрида Если вы захотите заново влюбиться в вождение или ездить в своем автомобиле дешевле и без вредных выбросов, гибрид произведет на вас хорошее впечатление своим длинным списком преимуществ. Toyota Hybrid Toyota Hybrid Когда наши первые гибриды появились на дорогах почти двадцать лет назад, некоторые считали, что автомобиль с двумя видами двигателя — это технологии будущего, но Prius опередил свое время. Сегодня, после всех успехов на дорогах общего пользования и гоночных трассах, наши гибриды вошли в жизнь семи миллионов людей по всему миру.
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